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We have tried to make this site easy to use but it may not always be obvious where items are located. You may find this overview helpful but if you do encounter difficulties please contact Hugh Simon or Fiona Hope. Comments can be posted on many of the items on the site. Such feedback will be most welcome.

Home Along the top of the homepage there is a list of options. If you hover your cursor over one of these, further options will, in most cases, be shown.

Directly below the list of options on the homepage there is a gallery of pictures. If you want to see a particular picture, click on the small image below. New photos will be added and if you have a photo that may be suitable to display in the gallery, please contact either Hugh Simon or Fiona Hope.

If you scroll down the homepage, three items headed News, News Continued and Next Event appear. Nest Event will be used to alert you of items of immediate interest.

Welcome: Message from the Chairman & Using the Website Apart from containing an overview the Using the Website section will also be used to detail any changes that may in future be made to the website.

News: Current Events, Past Events, Fiona’s Blog & Chairman’s Blog The current events section describes future BGT events and gives details on how to secure places. Past events are described in the next section with any photos that may have been taken on the occasion.

Our chairman, Charles will use his blog to describe BGT outreach work and other topics of interest. Fiona will write about events that she attends as the Trust’s executive secretary.

Projects: Current, Achievements & Completed The Current Project section  will show projects being carried out by the Trust with their milestones. Once a milestone has been reached, a short write-up of the achievement will appear in the achievements section. Completed projects will be shown in the third section.

Publications: Books, Reports & Newsletters The Books section contains book reviews written by BGT members. If you have recently read a book about our garden heritage and would like to write a review, please contact Fiona Hope.

There are two options available for reports: BGT Reports and Other Reports. Under BGT Reports you will find material such as the reports submitted at the Trust’s AGMs. Reports from other  organisations such as The Gardens Trust are shown in the next section.

In the Newsletter section you will find copies of the Trust’s past newsletters.

Contacts: Email Us, Join Us, The Committee & Links When entering an email you will be asked to select one of the following headings: general, membership enquiries, events or research. This will ensure that your email is dealt with by the right person. You will also be asked to copy a code known as a captcha code. This is to protect the site from being used for spam mail.

In the Join Us section non-members will find the forms they to become members. Here you will also find the annual membership rates.

In the Committee section there are details about how to contact each of the committee members.

Finally, the Links section is used to list the site addresses of organisations relevant to the garden heritage of Berkshire such as The Gardens Trust, the Garden History Society and other county garden trusts.


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