Early Summer Visit – Rooksnest Estate, Lambourn Woodlands, Tuesday 26 June 2018

Rooksnest Visit June 2018Rooksnest Rose Garden
Rooksnest Rose GardenOn Tuesday, 26 June, 28 members of the Berkshire Gardens Trust and their guests enjoyed the visit to Rooksnest Gardens. Rooksnest is near Lambourn in West Berkshire. Although it is a relatively modern garden mostly designed by Arabella Lennox-Boyd, an internationally-renowned landscape designer, its ten acres are set out in a traditional English design.
Kevin, the head gardener, gave us a brief overview of the garden along with a map, and encouraged us to wander through the garden at our own pace. This informality worked very well on one of the sunniest, warmest days of the year. Fortunately, there was lots of shade and well-positioned benches, and a light, refreshing breeze sprang up. Kevin accompanied us around the garden and answered questions as we strolled.
While the whole garden was wonderful, my personal favourite was the Rose Garden. This was completely redesigned and replanted in 2017. Despite being only a year old, the roses looked well-established and were blooming profusely, and they were interplanted with perennials and Stipa gigantea. With its palette of mostly white and various shades of red and pink, the whole effect was romantic, blousy and very lovely.
The care and attention of the gardening team is evident throughout the gardens. No weeds, every grass edged clipped, discrete and careful staking – even the greenhouses were immaculate!
The garden tour was followed by delicious home-made cakes and tea in the open-sided barn.
All in all, a splendid afternoon in a beautiful garden!

Janet Fuller
Membership Secretary

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