Fiona’s Spring Blog 2015


I have always been a strong supporter of sculpture , as well as other ’3-dimensional’ designs and plants . My trip to Brazil earlier this year provided opportunities to appreciate such features in parks and gardens as well as urban settings.

One particular destination, INHOTIM, west of Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s 3rd largest city, incorporated both modern ‘free-standing’ sculpture outside amongst a vast range of trees, plants and shrubs, including outstanding examples of 3-d succulents.


Influenced by the native bias of Burle Marx’s planting schemes for both public and private landscapes, this venue succeeds in marrying together natural and man-made designs in a relaxed setting, reminding me of the recent Henry Moore exhibition at Kew designed landscape. I was also struck by various geometric and more organic designs incorporated into tessellated pavements in cities and towns.


With Best Wishes for Happy Garden Visiting this Summer wherever you go!




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