The Gazetteer Project

The Gazetteer Project

This is the first of the projects being carried out as part of the Trust’s research programme. The primary objective of this project is to gather information about the parks and gardens of Berkshire that are of historic or local importance.

Photo shows Dr Peter Durrant, head of the Berkshire Records Office and a BGT member, examining
some documents with gazetteer volunteers during a project workshop at BRO

This information will be used for research purposes and to make a selection of this information available to a wider public by publishing a gazetteer and updating the UK Parks and Gardens database held at the University of York.

The project team is led by Ben Viljoen, and consists of a group Trust member volunteers with a wide range of talents who will be carrying out the research.
The milestones of this project are as follows:

  • Agree on the research programme (achieved)
  • Agree a set of definitions and attributes (achieved)
  • Establish an initial list of parks and gardens (achieved)
  • Design and agree a site investigation form (achieved)
  • Prioritize the initial list of parks and gardens
  • Complete the information gathering and site survey phase
  • Agree on which parks and gardens will be included in the gazetteer
  • Agree on format and design of gazetteer
  • Author a draft gazetteer and gather suitable images.
  • Proof read and edit the draft.
  • Publish the gazetteer.

Project documentation can be downloaded below:

BGT Research Programme
Definition of terms
Initial List
Site Investigation Form

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