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In August 1987 16 people lost their lives in the tragic shooting at Hungerford. This terrible event was commemorated with the laying out of a small memorial garden – The Hungerford Tragedy Garden – by the entrance to the Hungerford Town Football Playing fields, Bulpit Lane, planted up with 16 rose bushes and cherry trees and other shrubbery. Time however has taken its toll on the gardens which no longer provide an attractive and tranquil place to reflect on the loss of loved ones.

The Berkshire Gardens Trust was approached in early 2010 by the then Mayor of Hungerford, to see if we could prepare proposals for a new design to restore and revive the garden. The commission was welcomed and draft plans and illustrations drawn up by Berkshire Gardens Trust led by Bettina Kirkham, landscape architect, ready for Hungerford Town Council’s meeting in October 2010.

Milestone 1

The draft proposals were presented by Christina Hill Williams, Chair, and Ben Viljoen, Vice Chair, and Bettina and met with great interest and enthusiasm. During the autumn details were discussed and revisions made with a working group from the Town Council. A final scheme was agreed in December 2010 and the go ahead given, with a generous grant from the Town Council to cover the cost of plants and other materials. The Town Council have also agreed to install a plaque to commemorate the replanting of the garden.

To see the proposed planting click on the link below:-

Proposed Planting

Milestone 2

The next milestone will be the preparation of the ground in September 2011 ready for planting this autumn. Any good healthy plants not needed for the design will be moved elsewhere, the soil dug over and compost and nutrients added by a supervised team from the Community Payback Scheme and Thames Valley Probation Service. A short protective fence will be erected to the proposed new hedge enclosure.

Following on, the planting will be undertaken by members of Berkshire Gardens Trust and local people. The design will include new tree planting, 16 new memorial dwarf columnar conifers, a beech hedge to partly enclose the garden, and underplanting of low shrubs, perennials and bulbs.

This project has now been completed. For further details click on the link below:-

History and Completion



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